Meet the Chef

Abrahim Hassan

Meet the Fresko Grille Chef, Abrahim Hassan. 


The flavorful dishes that come from our open-concept kitchen are inspired from Abrahim’s family recipes, written nearly 80 years ago. 


Abrahim’s family roots run deep with Mediterranean cuisine. In the 1940s, Abrahim’s great-grand father opened his own restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon. Years later, his grandfather, Abu Hassan, was named Master Chef for dignitaries and foreign guests of the Lebanese Government. Abrahim’s father carried the family tradition and passion for Mediterranean cuisine when he came to the United States to train as a chef, and then opened Hassan’s Lebanese Cuisine in Newport Beach, CA, in 1974. 


It was at this family-owned restaurant that Abrahim found inspiration and passion for authentic Mediterranean fare. He grew up learning and perfecting family recipes at his family’s restaurant. Abrahim proudly inherited 50 years’ worth of family recipes, traditions, and methods of creating colorful Lebanese dishes. 


And the rest, as they say, is history.